The best equipment
and service in
Kurdistan and
the surrounding region.


When you buy a product from Ahoura you can be sure you are buying a product that comes with knowledgeable customer support to back it up.

We have years of experience using these tools and have chosen our products based on both preferences and the testimonies of industry professionals around the world.


The right accessories not only increase the
quality of the final product, they make
producing it easier.

Camera Support

Allows you to set up your cameras to get
the best shot.

Control Systems

We give you control over your studio
and production environment.

Lighting Systems

We have the best lighting systems available
so that you can create the feel you want in
your producrtions.

Sound Systems

High quality sound systems and products allow
your viewers to be immersed in the production.

Visual Systems

Our visual equipement helps you see
what your audience will see.

We use only brands we trust

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